Sued by the Spanish milk lobby

The Spanish dairy-lobby was outraged when they thought we were saying cow's milk is not for humans. 

Then they got mad because they thought we said that oat drink is like cow’s milk.

Back in December 2020, the Spanish National Federation of Dairy Industries (FENIL) complained to the courts of Spain about our line: "It's like ____ but ____ for ______". They alleged that we were misleading people into thinking oat drink is cow's milk when we said oat drink can be used just like it.

They also claimed it was derogatory towards cow's milk for saying that oat drink was made for individuals of the sapiens species, and somehow, they thought we meant cow’s milk wasn’t.

So, were we derogatory towards the thing we apparently wanted to be? Does that mean they're suing us because they think we are saying oat drink is not for humans? After two court cases, we’re just as confused. The court was also confused. The second ruling on November 10, 2022 agreed we couldn’t be both wanting to be cow’s milk and be insulting towards it at the same time.

“28. This Court considers that, on the basis of the reasoning set out in the previous ground of this judgment, which concludes that the average consumer may be misled as to the product advertised because he may believe that milk or something similar to milk is being advertised, it is difficult to maintain in a manner consistent with the above statement that simultaneously in the same advertising message the product actually promoted is passed off as milk or something similar and, at the same time, milk is being denigrated.”

We still believe "It's like ____ but ____ for ______" is a clear and accurate description of how oat drink can be used in the same way you use milk from a cow. But unlike cow's milk, which is totally suitable for humans but is scientifically proven to be made by grown-up cows for cute little baby cows, oat drink was invented by us and is made for the people born and raised on planet Earth, and not at all for baby cows.

That's why we appealed to the Supreme Court, and in case you'd like to make up your own mind about "It's like ____ but ____ for ______" before they decide on our appeal, we've attached the complete transcript of the ruling here:

English version

Spanish version

Just to be clear, we made oat drink to suit the needs of both the planet and the people living on it. But as you’ll see if you click through, not everyone agrees.

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